Une pétition vient d’être lancée afin de suspendre Monsieur Tariq Ramadan de son poste à l’université d’Oxford en Grande-Bretagne jusqu’à ce que l’enquête concernant les plaintes contre lui pour viol et agression sexuelle soit terminée !

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Please sign petition asking Uni of Oxford to Suspend Tariq Ramadan until allegations of sex attack are fully investigated

Please sign and forward the link below asking the University of Oxford to suspend Professor Ramadan until all sex attack allegations, including recent allegations by four former students, are fully investigated.

In the past two weeks, a number of women have come forward and made claims of sexual assault and inappropriate sexual conduct against Professor Tariq Ramadan. The University of Oxford have confirmed to us by email that it is standing by Professor Ramadan.

We are deeply concerned about the latest set of allegations made against Professor Ramadan, first reported in the Tribune de Geneve  and then in the UAE based newspaper, The National  In these latest set of allegations, four former students tell of sexual assault, psychological manipulation and abuse of power they suffered at the hands of Professor Ramadan. One alleged victim, who was just 14 at the time, told the TDG that he was a “crooked, intimidating man who used perverse relational ploys and abused the trust of his students. There was such an impression on us.”  

These latest allegations appear to show that Professor Ramadan abused his position of authority and responsibility by having sex with at least three of his then students, one of whom was underage. He also ignored all safeguarding procedures in place to conduct these illicit relations.

We now call upon the University of Oxford to suspend Professor Ramadan immediately until these and previous allegations made in other countries are fully investigated. While we believe in the maxim innocent until proven guilty, The University of Oxford simply cannot continue to put the welfare of its students at risk simply because the alleged incidents took place abroad.